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5/24/2015 5:03:34 PM

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Ananth Mahadevan finds by chance as an intelligent director, and its films support a certain stamp of quality. In the past, two of its films, Cheap diluted Pyar Vyar and more diluted Maange, were received by the assistances. But Ananth decided to change kinds, and this time around, chose the suspense and quivers. To be an actor initially, and then a director, Ananth can easily include/understand the nuances of the action, and this finds by chance on the screen in the majority of its films, including this one. But the manufacture of a good film of suspense is not any easy charge, and it takes much effort to make thus, although Ananth Mahadevan succeeds reasonably well.

Ricky (Emraan Hashmi) is one of these photographers who is a magician with his modes and angles, but is also known to have a wandering eye, tie profit often of his models. Its romantic reputation is well-known with all. To add to this, it constantly seeks the loans, which it cannot refund. From this point of view, enters Raj (Dino Morea), a big businessman of businesses of NRI. Raj hopelessly wants a divorce of its aggressive, no wife Sheena (Udita Goswami) of nonsense, but Sheena is little laid out to agree. Raj rents Ricky to be in love and to allure Sheena, so that it can have some reasons for the divorce. Coincidentally, Sheena precisely proves to be one of old Ricky crushes. Ricky agrees, and arrives to London and takes the residence in the sumptuous manor of Raj. By using much charm and reversed psychology, Ricky Sheena catches, but fall in love with it. Sheena exchanges also its love. In the current circumstances, Sheena and Raj, which are enough of bronze and daring about their business, indicate Raj outward journey taken a walk.

Because Raj contemplates all its choices, the old friend of Sheena (Tara Sharma) enters, and of the things take the turn for best or worst, according to which is implied. A murder takes place, and the film reaches an apogee unexpected.

The film is short, and tends to easy being involved. The angles of piece of ground, scenario and camera are very good, and it is with the credit of the director who to the last reinforcement, it managed to maintain the suspense. Cast iron, Dino Morea is the best, whereas Emraan and Udita could make with still more emoting. Very often, the voice of Emraan and the word are not very clear, and it must sweep to the top of its qualifications of the delivery of dialogue. To continue to make hot scenes, and to remain attractive, Udita must balance downwards. The role of Tared is too short for any comment.

The music by Himesh Reshammiya is fresh, although it is judged that the hangover of its Aashiq Banaya Aapne is several of the numbers. Jhalakh Diklaja is likely to become a number of tapping of foot and will be on much of the ends of the finger of one DJ in the future. On the whole, a whodunit reasonably good, which could be raised by better executions and to hold the first role the power.


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