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5/30/2015 10:16:51 AM

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They play a game. Let us call it a play of mime. Picnic light police officer opposed Deol of husband, which wants to divorce his wife in a dazzling way desirable Priyanka Chopra (only one god and the scenario writer knows why no matter who would like to do something so imprudent), is asked: “What is the word of Hindi for the divorce? ”

Talaq, comes the grumpy answer.

“Nope,” answers the wife with freshness. “Talaq is a word of Urdu. We do not have a word of Hindi for the divorce because the concept is foreign with our culture. ”

You cannot agree with Kajal, aka Priyanka Chopra, and the prickly wisdom which is pushed on it by authors K.K. Singh and Rumi Jaffrey of dialogue.

But you sure because the hell cannot take your eyes in addition to this lady while it carries out a role which requires of it to be startled and captivating, extremely and sobbing, reserved and dynamic… of only one feature.

In one Priyanka year developed in a formidable queen of screen. In “Barsaat” it indicates that the rare capacity, which Sridevi had to rise above the material of screen and the lack of support of the Co-stars to prove a complete stealer scene, since it raises several of the moments more the society men in this obsolete, and sometimes mélodrama pale.

She is easy and last cry to be ultra-cynical about a film like “Barsaat” where the propagated values and the produced images seem to have emanated from a cold time of the film assemblies which go up with the oldest tradition of the formula kitschy.

But to deny the antiquated magnetism of “Barsaat” is to deny the most renewable traditions of the cinema of Hindi.

Among a torrent of the indifferent songs of Nadeem-Shravan which pin in bottom of the piece of ground, “Barsaat” is a film which manages to tighten in an important message for the abandoned wives. Not to wish the pigs ardently. To make the hay while the sun is shining.

No Shabana Azmi in “Arth”… But Priyanka Chopra is not any victory in an armchair either.

When her husband of wimpish (police Deol, suitably cast iron) force the wife to sign the divorce packs up it immediately establishes a new life for itself, and returns smilingly the cheque that the hubby expensive wants to give his wife emptied like peacemaker of conscience.

The passage of Deol to the bridal indifference could be drawn up a chart more than one convincing way. When it moves in the USA (anonymous city) to continue its dreams, to sell the designs of car in BMW and becomes engaged to the rich heiress Anna (Bipasha Basu, mean and slender pretence). is it right summer a CAD of paperboard? Or of Deol the very true and contemporary dilemma of the average small-townsman symbolizes it who wants to arrive there “”?

The vision of director Suneel Darshan' S impales the three principal characters in familiar and a triangle played-outside. The center of interest is not what is known as, but what them words spoken and the basic points saturated (Salim-Suleiman) would like that us hear beyond the acute call of bugle of a shehnai (instrument of pipe) that the film realizer plays as left a bard of marriage of old man-world.

There is constant if homages without knowledge to the greats of cinema. The song of shaadi where Kajal gets dressed to the top of its rival in the love as married and sings and the dances with the marriage of her own husband (see how Priyanka takes competition) give the magic spell of the “RAM Teri Ganga Maili” of Raj Kapoor.

And when the Deol police officer orders his completely devoted wife to connect the paper of divorce he points out Rakesh Roshan to you pitilessly requiring the separation of Smita Patil in “Aakhir Kyon” of J. Om Prakash.

De Raj Kapoor to J. Om Prakash, vision of Suneel Darshan surrounds the best of the traditional cinema of Hindi. But this fillip forwards which separates achieving homage of a neglected recreation misses mainly.

The characters of fringe (for example of Bipasha the friend giggly and the turbaned associate of the police officer) are stereotypes which belong to an out-of-date time zone. But you must give it in Darshan. It knows the light formula inside and outside. Which use it makes of it is another matter.


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