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5/28/2015 3:47:29 AM

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Chori Chori


Bollywood is back burst with its tired and examined receipt of pulp of mas. In spite of the good mixture, Chori Chori is a ventilated price.

Although Rani Mukherjee adds a certain spice with it misleading act of girl, to fail of rest the jazz to the top of film.

After an amount fraught with accounts to suspense, films of phantom and logic-defying action, Bollywood returns to novel with Chori Chori. It is the first time that the current favourites Rani Mukherjee and Ajay Devgan seemed on the screen together. But the sparks do not fly.

Khushi (Mukherjee) is an orphan who makes his life out of the people bluffantes. Ranbir (Devgan) is a hesitant architect, thrown by Sonali Bendre. The gathering two in Delhi, where Ranbir indicates it to Khushi of the house had built for its love. It occurs just that Khushi is thrown of its work. Thus, it unloads to the top at the house of Ranbir and is presented as its been engaged. Suddenly the life is a breeze, until Ranbir turns over. It appears that the bluff of Khushi made his/her ex-friend jealous. They run up against a business: it becomes paid to continue the act until Ranbir recovers its love.

One does not need for a dimwit with the figure outside the remainder of the history. Although the film seems to be inspired by flick 1992 of Steve Martin-Goldie Hawn Housesitter, the character of Khushi is loosely based on that of Sandra Bullock inside while you sleep. The charm of Rani Mukherjee lends the chutzpah to the character of the misleading girl and makes film what it is worth the sorrow.

Hesitant Ajay Devgan looks at the part, thus this role seems like a cakewalk for him. What return him to seem to it idiotic are the defective direction and the unequal step.

Initially, directing Milan Luthria of a-film, of re-elected of Kachche Dhaage, begins slow film. Then, it wastes the reel after reel in painful ceremonies of song and dance and pre-marriage, shortchanging the tearjerkers of rigour in the process.

Thus, the discouragement of Devgan after rejection, its family welcoming a misleading girl with the total facility, his which falls for it and which falls with it, seem moronic flat.

Poor points by the duet Sajid-Wajid of music do not help either


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